You are now in the year 22 A.B.
These pages are dedicated to the search for B.O.B. (Brains On Board) I now know where two gutted B.O.B.’s are, but there has to be more? Email me if you have any leads on B.O.B.
Androbot, Inc. is gone, but this is their history
With the year 1 A.B., a new era in technological history opens - and a dream that has engaged man's imagination for centuries becomes reality
The Androbot Is Born.
The microprocessor - a device that has made possible the personal computer - now makes possible the personal robot, and a profound change in our lives is about to take place.
We have created a family of personal robots with distinct levels of electronic and mechanical sophistication based on the microprocessor.
The simplest Androbots are mobile extensions of your personal computer.
The most advanced Androbot turns a complex group of internal microprocessors into the world's first mobile multitasking computer.
Androbots have been conceived and designed for home use - to interact socially with people and to perform an ever-widening range of useful tasks as new software becomes available.
You'll discover that no matter which Androbot you choose, each has a personality and capability that makes it educational, useful, and entertaining.
Who's Behind It All?
A dedicated group of gifted mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and marketing minds has worked together to turn the concept of the personal robot into a reality.
The Androbot idea was conceived by its chairman, Nolan Bushnell, Founder of ATARI and Pizza Time Theater. He provided the faith, encouragement, and resources that enabled Androbot, INC. to create useful, enjoyable products that will enhance our lifestyles for years to come.
It Is The Year 1 A.B. (after B.O.B.)
The result is a totally new engineering design and the worlds first and only two-wheeled vehicle that is inherently stable even when not in motion. (Consider: your two-wheeled bicycle requires movement to remain upright)
Your guide to the new age of personal robots has a mind of his own.
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