Here we go, this is the bottom end of our Petster. This is not a petster deluxe. This is the same bottom end for the dogs, cats, dinosaurs, penguin, and spyder. Begin by removing the four screws.
Here our petster is open. remove these two plugs and mark them acordingly. One is pin 2 and the other is pin 3 as marked on the circuit board. Now, remove the two screws holding down the circuit board. Move the board out of the way.
This is the frist problem we want to address. It appears that the tape from Korea does not hold up well after 20 years:) Retape these solder connection with some new tape. I recommend you tape them seperate so they will have less chance of touching.
Now we need to remove the gear and wheel assembly. There is one screw holding the assembly in. We unsoldered the wires, but this is not necessary. The other gear assy is also held in with one screw.
Here is our big design flaw, the plastic gear cracks and the robot will not move now. Sometimes the gears is still there, other times it breaks in two and falls off. This is a metric gear, 10 tooth, 6mm in diameter, with a 2mm press on shaft. We will replace this with a brass gear.
Here on the right, the gear is completely gone.
The wheel is just pressed on. A good steady pull and it will come off the shaft. We have removed the broken plastic spur gear and will then replace it with a brass one. Also inspect the gear on the axle shaft, these too can become cracked.
Here our gearboxs are back in with new brass gears. These should last forever!
Here is our petster with the fur removed. Ha, it's just a salad bowl:) Notice the microphone and speaker location.
Here is our other design problem. The wires to the eyes are brittle and break off. A little solder and some tape to prevent them from shorting and we are good as new.
Now we reconnect our plugs and reinstall the fur and reinstall the base in body. To make sure it is in correct there is an alignment pin and notch. Don't want our petster going the wrong way!
The screws are recessed, but they can break the plastic away and not hold the base on. Here we had to replace two screws with slightly longer ones and some flat washers.
The ear for the battery compartments can break off. This is our first cure, going to take a look at some other choices. The origional battery doors are very weak, not designed to fold all the way open, and bow badly when the batteries are in place. This cure is just a paperclip and a bolt. We trimed off the end of the door with a saw to allow the wire to take the place of the plastic tabs. Works for now, but the doors need some design work!
Now a quick bath with the Vacumn cleaner and our little puppy is better then new. Start clapping and watch him obey your every command!