B.O.B. Brains On Board
Androbotís B.O.B.'s Vital Statistics(Brains on Board)Androbot B.O.B.Date Of Birth: 1983(The year 1 A.B.)Place of birth:Androbot INC., Sunnyvale, CA.Citizenship:InternationalHeight:3'Intelligence:Artificial Computers Onboard: 3 Intel? 8088 MicroprocessorsMemory:Exceeds 3 Megabytes ( 3 million bytes of information) ExpandableFunction Lights:To indicate ultrasonic sensors active, infrared sensors active, human companion targeted, forward, backward, left and right directions.Infrared sensors:Reading out at all times. To detect human body heat.Ultrasonic Devices:To determine the range and position of objects.Accuracy:To .1 of a foot.Moving Speed:Two feet Per Second (May vary depending on surface conditions)Wheels:Two, Independently motor-driven.Motor:Two. Hi-Torque.Batteries:Three. Gel-Electrolyte sealed, rechargeable, long-life, industrial-grade LED indicates if batteries need recharging.
B.O.B. (Brains on Board) is independent: he makes autonomous decisions to move, to avoid objects, to choose a human friend, to communicate. He decides what his next action will be.
Androbot B.O.B. is the leader of personal robot technology. He is more than a mobile computer - he is also a friend. Like all Androbots, B.O.B. has been designed for home use.
And like all Androbots, B.O.B. contains a most remarkable engineering feature
Planned Expandability
B.O.B. has been designed to grow with advancing technology. Your B.O.B. can accept software and accessory items available today and his native intelligence, skill levels, and memory powers can be continually upgraded in the future.
His Skills Today Are Remarkable
B.O.B.'s robot brain gives him the ability to see, to remember, to walk, and to communicate based on computer software with which he has been programmed.
Two Intel 8086 microprocessors and three megabytes
of operating capacity give B.O.B. his impressive abilities. Ultrasonic sensors allow him to determine the position and range of objects within one half inch. Infrared sensors let him detect and go to humans.
B.O.B. can communicate in three ways: He comes with stored speech, already in his memory, with optional accessories, you can program him to speak either through a computer keyboard or by recording your own voice and adding it to B.O.B.'s memory.
The Androbus: Rapid Transit for a Growing B.O.B.
At the core of B.O.B.'s electronic intellect is the Androbus and his powerful operating system. It's the stem connecting present and future components of B.O.B.'s brain.The Androbus is configured to accept whatever software cartridges or peripherals the future will bring. B.O.B.'s capacity for expansion is greater than any personal computer ever built!
B.O.B. tomorrow:
As exciting as B.O.B. is today, he'll be even more so tomorrow. As software and associated hardware accessories are developed, his ability to perform utilitarian tasks around the home will increase-dramatically. He'll fetch a frosty can of your favorite brew from his optional AndroFridge. He'll entertain your guest and help educate your children. An AndroSentry Cartridge will enable him to patrol and safeguard your home. And B.O.B. will have voice recognition. He'll react to your voice and appropriately carry out a variety of tasks.You'll watch B.O.B. grow with each technological advance. And you'll be an active participant in the Age of Androbotics.
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