What is S.A.M. 3.0?

S.A.M. is a Small Android Model. S.A.M.'s body is made of tough 1/8 inch ABS plastic. S.A.M. was designed to replace converting toys to robots. S.A.M. 3.0 was built for the Parallax Boe-Bot that told everyone who see's it to know "This is a robot". S.A.M. can be taken apart and reassembled over and over again with Velcro attachments. Assembly time is less than 30 minutes. (PDF manual) (Size of robot)
S.A.M. has plenty of flat surfaces to mount IR sensors, sonar, light sensors, speakers, LCD displays, indicator lights, micro cameras, connectors, microphones, switches, PIR, and anything else your imagination desires. Also the separate head allows you to mount it with a servo to allow it to rotate. Plus the shoulders were designed for servos to give S.A.M. arms!

Add your own arms to give S.A.M. a grip on the world!
At just over 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep. S.A.M. is sized just right to travel to friends' houses, to work, or to school. He doesn't take up much room and will fit in a suitcase. Plus he looks just great on a shelf above your PC. And his lightweight design allows your batteries to last a long time between charges.
S.A.M. 3.0 also has plenty of room to hold the Parallax apps kit or anything from a simple breadboard to radio modules! The large head will hold a serial LCD display and still leave lots of room for sensors, cameras, lights, and switches. The ABS plastic is easy to drill and file.
S.A.M. comes with a sheet of stickers to give him a great finished look. Just with the stickers he makes a great model to add to your cool robot collection. And you can download the sticker artwork and customize it to give your S.A.M. that personal touch. Just make the changes in a paint program and print with a color inkjet printer on sticky back paper.

ABS construction lets you paint S.A.M any color you want!
The basic S.A.M. kit includes a body, a head, a head back-plate sized for a LCD and all mounting hardware and stickers to complete a Parallax Boebot. Be sure to order the optional canted wheel brackets if you want to have your S.A.M. have that great canted wheel look! S.A.M. can also be used on other custom platforms, but you will be the engineer!

The back of S.A.M.s head is just right for that LCD display!
S.A.M. DOES NOT come with any electronics. Be sure to visit the links page lists for "how to" if this is your first robot project. We also will be glad to answer your email questions and be sure to send us your project to be added to the S.A.M. owners web page.
All this for $49.95 (US funds only please, sorry for any inconvenience) plus shipping and handling. We also accept Master Card and Visa!

Version 3.0 Available for ordering Now!!!

Accessories for your robot.

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