I saw your site and boy, did that bring back memories. Androbot was such an interesting experience, because there were SO many engineers, SO many products in development and SO many different platforms all at the same time with a company that hadnít gone into production on any one of them. That was either Nolanís genius or downfall, depending on how you looked at it. Nevertheless, I was impressed with the sheer engineering talent that existed in the company and what got developed in those short few month
As the B.O.B. product manager, I still marvel at the full-page picture of B.O.B. that appeared in the December 1984 issue of Playboy as well as our unbelievable audacity to think that we could create fully-functioning robots with only a 1983-era 8086 chip!
I still have a Topo head in my office with the IR/control on the top and every time that I look at it, I think of those great 6 months that I worked there before the company imploded…
All the best to all of the Androbodies wherever they may be…!
Michael Jabara
Brian Head Development Company
Las Vegas, Nevada
Michael Jabara
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