I was hired as a Analog Design Engineer in about the third year of their history. I was recruited by Ray Connel, Senior Design Engineer. At the time of my hiring we had 110 employees in a plush facility. There were over 350 Brand New Topo Robots that were all on charge and ready for sale in the manufacturing department.

       For the first six months I was at Androbot, NO SALES of TOPO occurred. The Marketing Department would not answer any calls from interested buyers. After about two months on the job, I had half a dozen buyers from the San Jose School District that wanted quantities of TOPO's and they were pissed off because Androbot marketing would not answer their calls.
      It was the custom at ANDROBOT to spend every Friday afternoon, >3:00 to have a Rah Rah meeting given by the President of the company. Each department manager would give their bull s@@t speal about how great they were doing. When it came time for the marketing manager to do his thing. I let him talk. Then I threw the twenty or so customer requests for orders I had logged and asked him why he was selling TOPO's. He didn't answer and was fired the next day.
      A new sales manager came on board and still there were no TOPO sales. This went on for another four months.

For the rest of the story ask me.
Leland Neyer
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Leland Neyer