I visited the web page and got a little teary-eyed
seeing the pictures of Topo and BOB. I took one of the BOB prototypes home for a
week-end of rest and relaxation the Christmas of 1983. My son was seven years
old at the time and Christmas with BOB was his favorite holiday. In 1983, when I
was HR Director, I took pictures of the festivities at a Company Halloween
costume party and also a Christmas party. If you have any interest in posting a
few pictures I will search for them and send them to you...just let me know if
you want them.

I don't recall how many BOB's were around however I was at the presentation of
BOB to the Japanese business men from Sanyo/"Hello Kitty" when a whole series of
BOB's marched in and...if my memory serves me well...they were singing the theme
song from "The bridge at the river kwai".

I appreciate your efforts in contacting former employees and in creating the
historical web site. Androbot was an exciting company to work for and a great
learning experience for me.
Best wishes,
Meredith Beam
Meredith Beam
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