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By Axlon
Catster, the most popular and first! Comes in two models. With and without the go play switch.
Petster Deluxe, the "Big One" with a leash. Does not suffer from the gear failure, but the leash unplugs and gets lost. We have leashes for sale.
Puppy, radio control. Must have been built for boys who want to drive and not learn all those clap commands.
Dinosaur, includes an extra voice box for those real "Dinosaur Sounds"
Penguin, looks real cool and sort of rare. Works the same as Catster.
Fluffy, just like Catster, but a different breed. Rare.
Scotty, rare and hard to see with so much black. Without the label could be a number of different animals.
Pupster, featured in the Sears Christmas Wish Book, but very rare.
Spider, works like a dust mop. Keeps the floors clean where ever he goes. Has a different walk, the wheels start and stop as he moves forward. Makes it look like it is walking. Rare.
Hamster. Turn it on, wait for the wheels to stop, put it in the clear ball and clap and away he goes.... The Hampster is popular, the ball is rare. Very hard to put the halfs together and cracks easy.
A Noland Bushnel company that brought us Atari, Androbot, Chuck E. Cheese and others. These were sold in the eighties, way before the robot toys of today!
Andy, built with left over parts from Androbot. The most rare and requires an Atari or Commadore computer.
An Axlon robot dog. Never sold, but sure would have been cool!
There is supposed to be a Goldfish like the Hamster, but there appears to be no picture available.
Yes, we do repair Petster's! We have many parts, some we custom build since they are no longer available. We also have available for sale "gears", "motors", "PC Boards", "wheels", "manuals", "leashes", even complete bodies. Email us for details.

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For $40 plus return postage we will repair your Petster!

For $10 we will send you a photo copy of the owners manual.

Two custom brass replacement gears for $12.95

Rebuilt motors for $20 each

Petster Deluse leashes for $25.00

email us for all your repair parts or needs. We accept Visa and Mastercard!
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