Watch here there are many more to come!
Try out these great classroom activities by Ty Tuchscherer.

Mission I activities

Mission II activities

Mission III activities

Mission IV activities

Mission V activities

Mission VI activities

Mission VII activities

Mission VIII activities

Mission IX activities

Mission X activities

Special thanks to Mikkel Storaasli and Dalia Zygas for this great 6 Day classroom project.
Click here to see the robot used in a classroom setting!
A great robot exercise from James Matthews
How to calibrate your motor speeds
Calibate Program
A nice chart on wheel speeds
Larry Ottman shares this with us!
Basic Programming the Robot
Another one from Larry!
Vert Shift
Jim Wilson shares more with us!
Even has tips for teachers
Gerry Ryan shares what his class is doing with the TI Robot
TI Robot classroom
For the real techies how to connect the TI to a Basic Stamp. Use at your own risk!
TI hardware to a basic stamp
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Laurens Coppens stamp robot
Jordan Pollard stamp robot
You will need one of these from radio shack.
Radio Shack part number
Catalog #: 274-896
The long cable is available from Texas Instruments
Ty's latest from NASA
Peter Fox, an activity from the other side of the world!
Getting Started
NEW applications for your 84 series!
A Program by Peter and Jeremy Jang
Email me for a copy of Macer
by Adam Wright
It is a solve the problem racing program. Your students will love it!