I came in when Androbot was in its second incarnation. Nolan didn't come around anymore- perhaps he was working on projects at Catalyst or Axlon.
I was a junior technician at the time. I wore a lot of hats
at Androbot. I repaired Topos and FREDs. I ran various
tests on battery charging and battery life. I prepared
Topos for shipping by testing them before they
shipped. A friend of mine, Sal Mania, worked in parts.
We had a British guy as acting CEO.

I remember Doug telling me about and building his
proto-robot vacuums. I now own an I-Robot Roomba, which
always reminds me of my days at Androbot.

Reading all of the other 'Androbodies' brought
back a number of great memories. I do remember an
Italian TV show that wrote to us asking for help. They
had about six Topos and were doing a dance number with
them. It seems that the hot stage lights caused
problems with the IR tranceivers. At that point we did
not have the time and especially not the funds to help

Did you know that a full one-page ad went into the New
York Times towards the end, putting Androbot up for

A few interested parties, but Androbot and all of its hardware,
software, patents, etc. went on the auction block some
months later.

Thomas Messerschmidt
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